DBS Bank Singapore Swift Code

DBS Bank Singapore Swift CodeDBS Bank Singapore Swift Code

The Swift Code for DBS Bank Singapore is; DBSSSGSG

DBS Bank Singapore is known as the safest bank in Asia and they earned the title of the “Safest Bank in Singapore“ for 8 years in a row by the Global Finance Magazine. In this article, you can find the details of the swift code for DBS Bank Singapore which is required for the international money transactions for your accounts in this bank.

Swift codes are the codes required for each bank and transaction. They define the bank, the country that the bank is located in and the commercial code of the bank. All of this information apart from the name of the bank is usually stated in digits, the information that is stated with the letters is the name of the bank and this is usually the abbreviation of the name of the bank however in some cases it is possible to find swift codes that are created only with letters such as the swift code of DBS Bank Singapore.

The Swift Code for DBS Bank Singapore is; DBSSSGSG

You can use this code in the event that you will send money to yourself from your accounts in other banks which are abroad. Or you can provide this information to the people who are going to send you money from abroad.

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