UOB Bank Singapore

UOB Bank SingaporeUOB Bank Singapore

UOB Bank Singapore is the third largest banking institution in Singapore which established in 1935. The bank offers services to millions of Singapore residents with all means of banking operations including the debit cards, credit cards, loans, and insurance. In addition to these, you can perform national and international money transaction to any bank you want. They offer services to both individual and retail clients including special services for the each customer segment. Besides being the third largest bank in Singapore, this bank is known with its award-winning customer service. They offer services via various means such as branches, ATM, telephone and internet banking services.

The bank operates in 19 different countries which are mainly Asian countries but they pay a great importance for their services in Singapore in order to not lose their rank in the nation. They are one of the reliable banking institutions in the eyes of the Singaporeans and they do their best in order to maintain their reputation. They are also known to be the bank which offered more loans in 2016 when compared to the other banks. They are also known to be the 4th safest bank in Asia by the Global Finance Magazine.

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