Maybank Singapore

Maybank SingaporeMaybank Singapore

Maybank Singapore is the first Islamic bank that began to operate in Singapore and it is also the first bank to offer Islamic banking to retail customers. They have been serving in Singapore since 1960 and they are the only bank to receive three of the high-quality service awards in Singapore. They have more than 1600 employees and they offer services to 27 different destinations in the country. Besides they have a high amount of ATM all across the country, they have also made agreements with other 7 banks in order to increase their availability for their customers.

They have more than twenty branches in all across the nation and they offer services through telephone banking, internet banking, ATMs and branches.

They offer various banking services such as the debit cards, credit cards, personal loans, business loans and so on. They offer all of these services under the Islamic banking terms which they do not get any interest in exchange for the money they lend but of course they have other systems to make some profit under the name of different terms which each of them, i.e., interest and their systems are really close to each other in terms of the concept.

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