ICICI Bank Singapore

ICICI Bank SingaporeICICI Bank Singapore

ICICI Bank Singapore is one of the other  Indian banks  that is operating in India for a very long time. The ICICI company is operating in 19 different countries and they have chosen Singapore as one of their main markets and they have fully understood the customs and needs of the Singapore citizens. That is why, they offer really extensive services and they carry out offering their services through various channels such as telephone banking, internet banking, ATMs, and branches. They have a limited amount of branches which is only limited to the 3 branches.


They do not offer services to businesses which mean that you need to be an individual customer in order to receive services from this bank. They have plenty of ATMs in all around the country but it is also withdraw and deposit money to your account through the ATMs of other banks. Their main priority is customer satisfaction and this is why you can be sure that you will always be glad about their services. In the event that you are looking for a bank which will help you in all of your transactions then you will really like to work with ICICI Bank Singapore.

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