Citibank Singapore

Citibank SingaporeCitibank Singapore

Citibank Singapore is the first American banking institution that began to operate in Singapore and today, it is one of the largest banking employers in Singapore. The bank has been offering services since 1902 and it has a great customer portfolio in the nation. It is possible to encounter many touch points of the bank in Singapore and in addition to this, they have more than 20 branches across the nation. Although the bank itself has a great ATM network all around the country, they also established agreements with other banks in order to serve their customers at anywhere.

It is one of the most reliable banking institutions in Singapore and it has more than a million customers. They offer services to all types of clients such as retail clients as well as individual clients. In the event that you are looking for a top quality service you can freely take the advantage of the services of Citibank Singapore which they will be pleased to offer you services through various means such as telephone banking, internet banking, branches and ATMs. The headquarters of the bank is located in one of the most popular districts of Singapore which is Temasek Avenue.


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