ANZ Singapore

ANZ SingaporeANZ Singapore

ANZ Singapore or in other words Australia and New Zealand Bank is another foreign investment that is still serving in Singapore for a very long time. They are one of the most reliable banking institutions which offer various services in Singapore. They have more than twenty branches all around the nation and they have signed various agreements with other banks in order to let their ATMs and other banks’ ATMs to be shared in common. This increases the banking network of the bank within the country and it provides a great convenience to its customer base which prefers their services among other banks.

They also have limited number of branches in Singapore which is only limited to 3 branches. But in addition to these, they offer services through internet banking and telephone banking. As you can contact with them 24/7 through the aforementioned means, you can also receive services through their branches during the working hours. They offer all kinds of banking services from credit cards to debit cards, personal loans to Forex and so on. In the event that you are looking for a reliable banking institution in Singapore, you can freely prefer this Australian and New Zealand joint venture.

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